Thursday, June 10, 2004


Elsewhere on the web, Ron Silliman is very pleased with himself for coining the term "School of Quietude" (SOQ) to describe all poetry not written by graduates of poetics programmes. Cuttlefish are indebted to Silliman for giving his own name to SOS, the "School of Silliness".


At 19 June 2004 at 22:53, Blogger Michael Snider said...

I call the SOS the School of Phlogiston.

And welcome to the blogosphere.

At 20 June 2004 at 12:41, Blogger CUTTLEFISH said...

Thank you, Michael. I like that label. Equating that tendency with an outdated scientific concept seems appropriate, since it's largely based on applying a very 19th c. concept of linear "progress" to the arts. Hence, the more venerable and resonant the form, the more they dismiss it as "outdated". There's a new, wonderfully silly (or "Phlogistonic") Perloff essay here: Mad Madge in which she gives free verse a bashing. But instead of honouring traditional forms which have evolved over millenia of interaction with song, memory, and the human voice, she champions silly games like OULIPO rules. Best bit is where she compares Dana Gioia unfavourably to Wordsworth!

At 15 May 2005 at 21:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! some one has finally risen to polemic and 'attack' the great and weary bore Sillyman! I read these weeping things years ago.. . the whole bloddy lot put me to sleep. Take Steve McCaffery for instance, who cliams in an interview , in a book Perloff raves about, that 'boredom may be a bourgoise response to ...." and honestly I cannot remember the name of the wretched poet he was talking about. This whole gang of 'language' "writers" are like a pestilence! pardon the cliche. But really it's so refreshing to hear somebody speak out againt their dripdry drivel. About Mccaffery __ he does read his own work in a much more interesting way than it reads on the page.
It's the same old story, the split between the voice as spoken and as read.
P.S. Comparing Wordsworth to this other nitwit, well what can you say? No ears Perloff has bit the bullet!

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